Bangle It Up!


Bangles with Lustria #JewelryTats make for a trendy layering effect. Add bangles in different colors, textures and patterns.  It is up to you how many.


Tip: For the night, when you're out on the go, we recommend anywhere from 3 to 6! Add gold accented clutches, chains and belts for additional glam!




Tip: For the daytime, especially with jeans we recommend anywhere from 1 to 3 pieces.


Tip: Lustria #JewelryTats we're designed to look good next to each other.  Cut 2 or more bracelets next to each other on the sheet, at one time, to save time when applying.


Seen in this collection:

Set of 3 Gold Bracelets - South Beach (Miami)


Photo Credit: Sewon Lee


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