Lustria x Blogger: Vicky Niu

Lustria x Vicky Niu Blog Post Look1

The tattoos I used was the set called Amour Parisian Romance, combined with the Golden Chime tat bracelet set. The golden tattoos with exotic patterns and dabs of deep purple look mysterious and elegant and it works perfectly as an accessory for the beach in summer.

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They enhance the skin tone and are especially beautiful with boho clothing and fashion elements such as lace, macreme and tassels. I choose nude makeup to go with this look, and in general it makes me feel very refreshing. The tattoos are amazing decorations for the body, unlike jewelry they never stain or loose vibrancy.

Lustria x Vicky Niu Blog Post Look3

I especially love how long Lustria jewelry tattoos last, they apply on effectively and did not flake even though I spent hours in a pool and took a shower afterwards. Lustria jewelry tattoos are a good vibe for a hot summer, seriously, who would need jewelry if they've got Lustria jewelry tattoos?


Special thank you to blogger and jewelry designer Vicky Niu of Entomb

Find her on instagram @victoriayajie and Facebook @Vicky Niu


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