Lustria x Blushing Blondee: Tan Lines and Tattoos

It's another blogger collaboration! Read Caroline Nycek's take on Lustria Jewelry Tats and see how she styled them for a beach weekend getaway.

It might be August already but it’s still summer and I’m finally on vacation. I’m spending my week in Long Beach Island and have been loving the quaint city and lovely beach. If you know me then you know that I’m always forgetting to put on jewelry and although I’ve been getting better at it, it’s still kind of a hassle; especially in the summer. Lustria was awesome enough to give me some tattoos to wear and I’ve been obsessed!

I love the tats because they look like you’re wearing jewelry but they don’t get in the way and you only have to remember to put them on once! They add such a nice touch to any outfit and are perfect for the summer time with their silver and gold sheen. The tats I have on my hand and arm here are from their Artemis sheet and the one on my shoulder is from the Hollywood Starlet sheet. I loved how the floral designs of the tats matched my romper and added just a little something to my outfit. They’re so delicate and make me feel like a beachy goddess.


Caroline beach arm tat

Caroline beach windblown beauty shot

Carolyn full body beach shot

Caroline beach hand shot close up

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