Teardrop Necklace in 4 Easy Steps






1. Cut two #JewelryTats charms in different sizes. 

2. Place two of the in the center and dab with water.

3.  Connect them with a thinner chain.  You can do this by cutting one of the bracelets in half, the long way. 

4.  Connect the remaining pieces of the chain and place them evenly on the right and left side of the your upper charm.   

Tip - Get creative!  You can adjust with different shapes and sizes according to your look.




Add a simple set of matching bangles or bracelets to compliment your #JewelryTats necklace.


Makes for a great addition to your look if you want to dress it up at the gym.


Seen in this collection:

Big silver charm - Hollywood Starlet (Audrey)

Medium Silver Charm - Greek Goddess (Athens)

Silver & Onyx Chain - Roman Empress (Venus)






Photo Credit: Sewon Lee


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