Wholesale Inquiries

Need more luster in your retail environment?  

Check out our wholesale guidelines below.  If you are interested in carrying our tattoos, please fill out this form.  If we’re loving our vibrational frequency, we’ll send you our catalog and pricing info.
For all sales inquiries email hello@lustria.com  We look forward to doing business with you!



Lustria appreciates your interest in having our tattoo jewelry in your doors. Check out our wholesale terms and conditions.  Let’s spread some luster in 2016 & beyond!                    

1.   Retailers are not allowed to open packages and sell Lustria Tattoo Jewelry collections individually.

2.  Lustria Tattoo Jewelry must explicitly state them as such, “Lustria” products and packaging must remain with the product and “Lustria” must be visible.

3.  Lustria Tattoo Jewelry retailers cannot sell our products online or at private events without our prior expressed written permission. Approved online retailers are only allowed to sell on their e-commerce sites.  Retailers in violation will have their wholesale account revoked.

4. Lustria does not guarantee exclusivity to its retailers for the tattoo jewelry in our catalog or on our website.

5. Lustria retailers must have our prior written permission to use our images, name, logo and product designs in any format in store and on the web.

6. Lustria orders must be paid by credit card, Paypal or bank transfers prior to shipment of our Jewelry tats. Additional orders will not be processed until receipt and clearance of payment for previously submitted orders.  Electronic transfer fees must be paid by the retailer.

7. Lustria does not accept returns for wholesale orders unless the products are defective.


You are in Canada, and we have a Canadian website here.